can I ask you a question. what is the time. why is the sky blue. where are my keys. am I free. can I help. do you love me. is this a question. what is the philosophy of questions. how was your holiday. do you want cashback. what are black holes. what should we have for dinner. am I doing the right thing. who is lani watson. when is enough enough. when we will go to Mars. how long is a piece of string. how much does it cost. what chance do I have. how are you. how are the children. is it raining. am I getting uglier. how much sleep do I get each night. who’s guitar is that. do blondes have more fun. who won. where are we going. are we nearly there yet. is it true. how do you know. why would you do that. am I a good person. when did you find out. who can I trust. what is democracy. why does ice float. why do we dream. what do you mean. is a giraffe bigger than an elephant. why. why not.

do you want to know more. do you want to connect.