The philosophy of questions explores the role that questions play in our everyday and intellectual lives. It examines the nature of questions, the way they are used, and their value for us as humans. What is a question. Why do we ask questions. What makes a question good, or bad. The philosophy of questions asks all of these questions, and many, many more. Simply put, it is the philosophical study of questions.

This area of philosophical inquiry encompasses questions of all kinds, from the everyday questions we ask, of ourselves and others, to the surprising questions of children, and the questions of our deepest collective intellectual endeavours. All of these questions matter, not only because they lead us to answers, but because they determine the answers that we get. If we do not ask questions, we will not get answers. If we do not ask good questions, the answers will cease to matter.

On this website you will find plentiful resources for the philosophy of questions. Check out this comprehensive list of academic books and papers, learn more about the author of the website and her research into questions, enjoy some light-hearted musings on questions, or take part in a simple, philosophical survey and find out if you know what a question really is.